New Release

The Portraits

Oh Dtheportraitsear Readers, Now that you have read this book to the end, Ask yourself these questions. Are these experiences part of my past live? Am I being re-incarnated through the Portraits? Why am I able to visit different periods of life on Earth? Or, is Robert F. Edwards a good story-teller? Is this just another one of the many fictional books he has written? You could be right.


Grandpee and Colemancover-final2

A collection of Bed-Time Stories to be enjoyed by children of all ages.

With each story, some pure imagination, some based on real-life events, the author shares this thoughts on the many aspects of life that each child will encounter growing up.

In addition to being an enjoyable read, he hopes to pass on some valuable life-lessons that he has experienced, for the benefit of his grandson…and now to be shared with you.


The Red Carpet:
A Collection of Short Storiestheredcarpet_w

Now read a collection of tales, inspired by the accumulation of a lifetime’s event of one traveler. This collage of fictional tales is often based on true events, that the writer invites you to guess which have an element of truth, and which are fictional. He covers the realm; from boyhood dreams, to a young man’s nightmares, to old men’s terrors. His tales cover the four corners of the world, to interest every reader.

This assembly of 28 short stories begin with a love story symbolized by the Turkish dowry carpet, move on to a quirky Irish friar, a Spanish bull-fighter, knights of old, soul travel experiences, resistance fighters of Viet Nam, Chinese Moon cakes Festival, pubs of Scotland, and everything in between.

Let the tales unfold!

River of Liferiveroflife_w

A love story that spans the globe.

A young Egyptian boy of Moslem faith meets his life’s destiny when introduced to a young Christian girl travelling from Poland. Their great love flourishes throughout their lives, despite the challenges they face, together and apart.

This Canadian author was inspired to write his first fictional saga almost a decade ago, when travelling through North Africa. Together with his back-packing adventures throughout Europe and Russia, these experiences all helped contribute to a novel that blends imagination with a seed of truth.



Birkenhead: birkenhead_w
Novelettes Collection

Be transported through a fictional world of fantasy, of possibilities, from the present to the past, from murder and mayhem, to laughter and tears.

Indulge in the quintessential English country village mystery with Constable Tic.

Follow along on the adventures with the French Foreign Legion in Pinot Wine.

Share in the exploits of Captain Eggenbottom, a unique pirate, as he plunders the Caribbean.

The Warrior salutes the heroism of our First Nations people.


This collection offers something for everyone.

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